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I'm a subject-matter expert. Really.

Most of the time, writers create content based on topic research and understanding your brand. But they have no firsthand knowledge of your industry.Well, I'm different.I worked in banking, technology, and product management for more than 15 years.Now I'm a content marketer and journalist, focusing on topics where I can write with SME authority.-Anna Burgess Yang

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Topics: Loan Management - Risk Management - Retail - Digital Strategy - Community Banking


Topics: B2B - SaaS - Enterprise - Vendor Management - Digital Transformation - Neobanking

Product Management

Topics: Product Roadmap - Feature Prioritization - Business Requirements - Product Marketing


Topics: Productivity - Software Implementation - Risk Assessment - Process Automation


I will write high-quality and compelling content for your audience. I can produce any of the following formats:

  • Blog Articles

  • Case Studies

  • Whitepapers

  • Ebooks

  • Thought Leadership

What people are saying...

"Anna impressed me from the jump with her curiosity and subject matter expertise. After seeing her in action managing projects, conducting interviews, and writing high-quality content, I had full confidence in her. Anna's work is excellent."

-Meredith Kucherov, Content Strategist


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