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I'm a subject-matter expert. Really.

Most of the time, writers create content based on topic research and understanding your brand. But they have no firsthand knowledge of your industry.Well, I'm different.I worked in banking, technology, and product management for over 15 years.Now I'm a content marketer and journalist, focusing on subjects where I can write with authority.-Anna Burgess Yang

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Topics: Loan Management - Risk Management - Retail - Digital Strategy - Community Banking


Topics: B2B - SaaS - Enterprise - Vendor Management - Digital Transformation - Neobanking

Product Management

Topics: Product Roadmap - Feature Prioritization - Business Requirements - Product Marketing


Topics: Productivity - Software Implementation - Risk Assessment - Process Automation


I will write high-quality and compelling content for your audience. I can produce any of the following formats:

  • Blog Articles

  • Case Studies

  • Whitepapers

  • Ebooks

  • Thought Leadership

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What people are saying...

Anna has the rare ability to convey complex ideas in a way that’s easy to understand. Her submissions are strong on substance, structured logically, and delivered to spec.Learning new products or services well enough to write credibly on them is one of the most difficult tasks writers take on, and Anna always hits her mark. Anna also sets herself apart from other writers in this way: She doesn’t rely solely on internet research to craft content. She has and uses a vast network of SMEs, which allows her to learn and grow on the topic du jour.Such confidence permeates the pieces she writes.

-Jacqueline Hilgert, Editor-in-Chief @ NFR Communications


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